Don Harden

A smoother transition for passing on the family farming tradition

THE 2012 CENSUS OF AGRICULTURE counted 2.1 million farms in the U.S., with 97 percent being considered family-owned operations. While that designation could be any number of configurations of family members, siblings, and extended kin, the one that packs the most important punch is the multigenerational family farming business. We count the number of farming …

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Expert lending advice for diversification or alternative farming

FLORIDA’S FARMERS, growers, and ranchers increasingly are changing up and adding to the mix of the crops they produce, the livestock they raise and the forage they provide. Some call it agricultural diversification. Some call it alternative farming. Many call it smart business.

A program designed to maintain Florida’s agricultural land base

FLORIDA IS A SPECIAL PLACE, and I think that most of us who have lived here for any decent length of time will agree with that. And because Florida is special, it’s no surprise that voters and state leaders have established special programs to keep certain lands off limits to development.

A great move for our industry

WHEN IT COMES to young people, you can’t teach them too much about agriculture and you can’t have too many of them getting into the business. Agriculture has so much to offer — rewarding careers; a good livelihood for families; personal fulfillment and enrichment; economic stimulation; and sustenance for our fellow man, both here and …

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