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Getting ready for new federal overtime regulations

NEW OVERTIME REGULATIONS are in the books in Washington, D.C., but they won’t be effective until Dec. 1, giving employers nationwide more than five months from now to prepare for


Business to-do items for December and January

LISTS ARE GOOD. They educate and entertain. To-do lists — for personal tasks, for professional tasks, and for everything in between — are even better. Maintained on a smartphone or


A proposed expansion of overtime eligibility for salaried workers

PRESIDENT OBAMA and his U.S. Labor Department have proposed a major expansion of overtime eligibility for middle-level salaried workers, and now the public has the opportunity to tell the government


Back to basics: Form I-9 and E-Verify

IF YOU’RE THE OWNER or manager of a business with employees, you probably already know a little about federal employment law. That would be the law that requires companies to


Simple steps for assessing staff needs

Last month we discussed the importance of attracting and keeping your customers. Now let’s take a look at those individuals on the front line of your business whom you depend