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Herd sale for new Ona White Angus cattle breed is canceled

THE PLANNNED SALE of a herd of Ona White Angus cattle, a new and Central Florida-hardy breed of cattle, has been canceled.


What is bovine trichimoniasis in cattle?

Trichimoniasis is a venereal infection of cattle that is caused by the protozoan Tritrichomonas foetus. The protozoa colonize the reproductive tract in the cow and skin folds of the bull.


Don’t Be Sheepish About Vaccinations: Important Vaccines for Sheep and Goats

Vaccinations serve well as preventative measures in sheep or goats’ health care. Since these ruminant mammals are closely related in their general make-up, they’re easily treated for the same diseases.


The ‘Neigh’-ing Truth: What Your Horse is Telling You

What is your horse trying to tell you? It might be easier to determine than you may think. Central Florida Ag News took a trip around the stables with Dr.


Combining dairy farming, science, and teaching

AGRICULTURE HAS BEEN a way of life for Suzanne Churchwell, a science teacher at Plant City High School. Teaching has enabled Churchwell to combine her love of love of agriculture,