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Commissioner’s AgriCorner: Employing every tool in the toolbox to find a solution for HLB

FLORIDA GROWERS just harvested the smallest orange crop in nearly 50 years, and all because of a tiny insect that spreads an incurable disease. Citrus greening (a.k.a., Huanglongbing or HLB),


From the Editor’s Desk: Results of 2015 Polk Agriculture Economic Impact Study to be unveiled

IT SHOULDN’T come as a surprise to you that agriculture is counted among the top economic drivers in our great state of Florida. If it does, then the information I’m


Publisher Letter: The local economy and agriculture’s major impact

YOU MIGHT HAVE HEARD me say before that agriculture is one of the “sweet spots” of Florida’s economy. As an economic powerhouse, the state’s agriculture industry is a multibillion-dollar trade,