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Been stung lately?

Have you ever been stung by a honeybee? It is painful! Stinging someone, however, is not the primary reason for this insect’s existence on earth. Honeybees are the ONLY insects


Commercial harvests, u-picks operations, & making wine

| Season’s surprises keep Florida blueberry growers on their toes as they continue to diversify | Florida’s blueberry crop was lighter than anticipated this year, which meant higher prices overall


To farm or not to farm

To farm or not to farm?  It’s a question of costs versus profits. Florida’s Green Belt Law allows agriculture to use land whose property tax is a fraction of real


In the company of citrus history

| Florida Citrus Hall of Fame’s 2013 Fellowship Students help preserve significant industry artifacts and more | John Jackson, chairman of the Florida Citrus Hall of Fame, which honors distinguished


Getting in some springtime action and auctions

Today we enjoy the modern conveniences of super highways, air-conditioned homes, cars, even tractors … but where did we come from? Five hundred springtimes ago, Juan Ponce de Leon landed


Artifacts of a bygone era

| Preserving the history of Florida’s citrus industry | The Florida Citrus Hall of Fame has received several significant collections this past year of historical artifacts from notable collectors of


Great fun for an even greater cause

On a sunny March 23 last, a crowd of folks who support the youth of Florida drove the winding Firehouse Road to the FFA Training Center in eastern Polk County.


Let’s have an auction

What is my property worth in today’s market? If you are selling stocks and bonds, vehicles, firearms, livestock, or real estate, the competitive bidding process is the time-tested way to


The right thing to do

The weeds infesting the field made for slow walking. The torn plastic on the raised soil beds that once bore a bumper crop now hosted decaying leaves and rotted remains


@griTech: Students learn the value of water through science

During the school year, Melissa Gulvin organizes school trips to agricultural locations, so students attending Polk County schools can see for themselves how these farms operate. It’s proven, she has