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The legalities of farmworker housing

As Congress debates our nation’s immigration laws, we are reminded that having a capable, available workforce is critical to agricultural businesses. When that workforce is not locally available, farmers look to foreign workers to help harvest their crops. [emember_protected custom_msg=”Click here and register now to read the rest of the article!”] The federal H-2A program …

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Wording in Contracts Matter: Acts of God

Everyone who lived in Florida during 2004 remembers the impact of the four hurricanes that struck that summer and early fall season. Undoubtedly, these acts of God affected every citrus grower, dealer, broker, and processor in the Florida agriculture industry.

Flooding in Florida?

The impacts to an agricultural operation from flooding, whether caused by a neighbor or by a government, are devastating. The law in Florida, while generally considered to be highly favorable to the rights of private property owners, is muddled and sometimes favorable to governments. This month’s column will briefly describe three different situations that occur …

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