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More agritourism for educational recreation

Farm-time fun for all with crop mazes, pumpkin patches, hayrides, and more RANCHERS TED AND DONNA SMITH have operated their 450-acre farm in North Lakeland for decades, and are proud


Growth strategies for your ag business

To successfully grow your farm, ranch or other agriculture-related business, you need to plan and develop a vision for its future. As its leader, you’ll need to think strategically. [emember_protected


Land Management: Time for Fertilizer and Pesticide Applications

As winter fades and crops begin to blossom, it is once again time to diligently apply granular and spray fertilizers and pesticides. We have inventoried how much of each material


Introduction to Featured Artists

Chad Anderson: Watching the Prairie Disappear “In this photo I was seeking to capture the reflection of the prairie in the cow’s eye as it watches the range disappear. Cattle


Taking a look at the use of RFID technology on the ranch

FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION (RFID) has been around for some time. It is wireless technology that uses three components: a tag (which consists of a microchip and a radio antenna), a reader,