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A healthy lawn means a happy homeowner

DESPITE THE WARM weather we had over the holidays, just after the New Year we had our first cold snap. That means along with some of the normal gardening routine


Tips to Keep Your Lawn Healthy, Come What May

The gardening tips for this month are a little different from years past. Due to the unusually warm weather we have had this winter, many plants and trees are showing


@griTech: Plant Growth in Outer Space

One of the amazing aspects of the modern technology we’ve known over the past few decades has been our ability to implement space travel. When challenged by President John F.


Winter Grass: Resist the Urge to Water More

Brown grass can be deceiving during wintertime in Florida. After that first frost, your lawn will turn brown, but it doesn’t mean you need to water it more. Your grass


Putting Planting and Pruning Plans to Action

It’s hard to believe that we have already reached our final gardening tips for the year. If you have kept up with our suggestions and properly cared for your lawn