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Piecing Together the Puzzle of the Citrus Genome

Researchers are Working Together to Remodel the Citrus Genome in Hopes of Fighting HLB by ERIKA ALDRICH If you’re a scientist associated with the citrus industry, your efforts are likely


Citrus greening putting ag research on display

CITRUS GREENING IS A SCOURGE on the Florida citrus industry, but it highlights the value of ag tech, science, and innovation in an amazing way. So many are working on


Taking a teamwork approach to science

UF/IFAS rebuilding research ranks with new funding POLK, HILLSBOROUGH and surrounding Florida farmers and natural resource managers are about to reap a huge brain gain. In its recently passed budget,


Citrus study offers lesson in ‘irresponsible science’

SCIENCE IS A BELOVED ASPECT of agriculture, as it has long influenced agriculture in such a positive way. A shining example of science’s positive impact would be all the research


New weather station helps teach kids agriscience

| Dundee Elementary Academy uses WeatherSTEM data to expand students’ horizons | DUNDEE ELEMENTARY ACADEMY students are making bridges out of marshmallows and testing them to see what design would


@griTech: Tools Used on the Farm that Promote Precision and Conservation

A decade ago, Rich Budell notes, a GPS device wasn’t all that common. Times, he added, have definitely changed. “Everybody has one in their car now,” Budell says. But if


Combining dairy farming, science, and teaching

AGRICULTURE HAS BEEN a way of life for Suzanne Churchwell, a science teacher at Plant City High School. Teaching has enabled Churchwell to combine her love of love of agriculture,