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Harvest Time: One fish, two fish

Can Florida’s seafood industry help start a new chapter in America’s seafood intake? “ONE FISH, two fish, red fish, blue fish.” This Dr. Seuss classic is one a lot of


Commissioner’s AgriCorner: Growing ‘Fresh From Florida’

MORE THAN 47,000 farms in Florida work day in and day out to produce the food and fiber that Florida — and the world — depend on. Florida agriculture produces


Food Recalls in the Food Supply Chain, Part II

Last month, I presented the kind of effort that Adams Cold Storage (and all the links in the Food Supply Chain) must go through when working to prevent or implement


Commissioner’s AgriCorner: On the Eve of a Significant Milestone for Florida

In 2013, Florida will celebrate 500 years since it was discovered by Juan Ponce de Leon. He named this land “La Florida” because it was the season known in Spain


Third-party audits — insuring the cold chain

THIRD-PARTY AUDITORS are independent, industry audit certification bodies that verify all aspects of self-policing and adherence to standards. These audits cost thousands of dollars to engage, disrupt normal business operations,


A tale of the cold chain when broken

DURING THE YEAR, we’ve summarized the importance of establishing and maintaining an effective cold chain to ensure food safety/food defense.


Florida — and Florida foods — around the world

| State chef creates culinary masterpieces with Gulf seafood at the Olympics | JUSTIN PATRICK TIMINERI, Florida’s culinary ambassador, went to London to promote the state’s seafood at the 2012