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Commercial harvests, u-picks operations, & making wine

| Season’s surprises keep Florida blueberry growers on their toes as they continue to diversify | Florida’s blueberry crop was lighter than anticipated this year, which meant higher prices overall


Food safety guideline changes on the way

Food safety is becoming a hot issue for all farmers, no matter what the crop. Change is coming and it’s best to prepare for it now by cleaning your groves


Recipe Spotlight: Jazz up your jam with Florida fruit

Way back in the Dark Ages, about 1978, I wrote my first food page. It was about strawberries, and part of it was preserves. “Jam some in a jar,” I


Strawberry Growers are Seeing Red this Season

It’s halfway through the harvest and the public is now starting to enjoy (this month and over the next few months) the sweet, delicious taste of Florida hand-picked strawberries. This


Recipe Spotlight: A Four-Course Meal for the Strawberry Fan

Strawberries are like potato chips … it’s hard to eat just one. And since we are in the midst of Central Florida’s strawberry harvest, it’s time to try some news


’Tis the season for strawberries: Strategy and work that go into a crop

As you enjoy a sweet bowl of strawberry shortcake this season, know that many weeks of planning, tending, and caring for crops went into this delectable treat that is, and


Combining dairy farming, science, and teaching

AGRICULTURE HAS BEEN a way of life for Suzanne Churchwell, a science teacher at Plant City High School. Teaching has enabled Churchwell to combine her love of love of agriculture,