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What do genetically modified citrus trees mean for the Florida industry?

Still years out from a fix for HLB, biotechnology offers a possible solution IT’S NOT a silver bullet, but genetically modified citrus trees could prove the most effective of the


The National School Lunch Program and the food chain, Part I

Have you ever considered the magnitude of the National School Lunch Program (NSLP)? It was huge even before it was expanded to include summer programs, breakfast meals and, at some


Food Recalls in the Food Supply Chain, Part II

Last month, I presented the kind of effort that Adams Cold Storage (and all the links in the Food Supply Chain) must go through when working to prevent or implement


Third-party audits — insuring the cold chain

THIRD-PARTY AUDITORS are independent, industry audit certification bodies that verify all aspects of self-policing and adherence to standards. These audits cost thousands of dollars to engage, disrupt normal business operations,