Citrus is Boomin’ in 2019

Florida Citrus Volumes Rebounding in 2019 by BRENDA EGGERT BRADER Last fall, the USDA released their 2019 Citrus Forecast and predicted a nice

Brilliant! 2019 Florida Strawberry Update

This Year’s Outlook, New Varieties, and the Future of Florida’s Strawberries by ERIKA ALDRICH Strawberries have been rising in the ranks of

Horse Hoof Health

Hoof Care Cautions & Tips for Your Equine by MARY TOOTHMAN Horse hoof care is vital to healthy, happy horses and impacts the horse’s ability

Meet Jammer!

Get to Know the Face of the Florida Strawberry Growers Association by JULIE GMITTER While most Florida residents (and fruit lovers from around

What’s Your Ag Story?

Tristen Walling, Lakeland, FL “At a young age, I was introduced to the agriculture industry where I was taught how to plant crops and nurture an

Looking to the Soil for Solutions in the Fight Against Greening

ON 15 ACRES at Howey-in-the-Hills in Lake County, a citrus grove once abandoned by its owner has new life, witnesses say. Hamlin orange trees

Harvesting Machine Eases Labor Demands for Growers of this New, Alternative Crop

THE FOUNDERS of Caloosa Hops in Lake Wales could harvest their novel crops manually, but the idea does not appeal to them much. It’s been enough

Microchipped Equine: The Equine Industry is Finding Many Benefits in the Use of RFIDS

IDENTIFYING YOUR HORSE has always been an issue, but it’s one that technology is improving upon. While the means of identifying your horse can be

Kidz Outdoors Forming Relationships, Fighting Childhood Diseases

by MATT NORMAN The great outdoors have long served as a way to explore and discover. The adventures experienced were part of growing up and for

AgriShopper: Tools for Making Cooking Easier

When you live in an agriculture minded state and strive to keep a healthy lifestyle, it can be difficult to find those unique utensils for all

Harvest Time

Farm Safety 101 While the total number of agricultural fatalities has been decreasing in recent years, farm safety is still an important topic,

Florida Roots

Florida’s Favorite Red, Juicy, Triangle by MARY TOOTHMAN There’s no question that watermelon is a popular crop among growers: it’s grown in more