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Looking for a recreation horse? Consider these five breeds found on the ranch

THE SCENE IS is a young cattleman riding his stock horse, leaping off the side of a mountain after the wild brumbies in “The Man from Snowy River,” a film


Bactericides come to the aid of the citrus industry

FOLLOWING MONTHS of urgent requests and hopeful anticipation, Florida citrus growers now can deploy additional weapons of a liquid kind in their continuing war against citrus greening.


Should you buy or lease a farm building?

“WHICH IS BEST: Do I buy or do I lease?” Business owners have been asking themselves this question since the choice became available — which likely goes all the way


Harvest time: Double cropping — a watermelon season preview

THE END OF APRIL marks the beginning of watermelon harvest season in Central Florida, and for growers like Andy McDonald, it’s especially sweet. That’s because McDonald double crops, planting the


Sowing benefits with cover crops

THE USE of cover crops has grown like — ahem — a weed in the agriculture industry. Cover crops offer a lot of advantages and benefits to both farmers and


April is the time to prepare for summer growth in your lawn and garden

IT’S MID-APRIL, and for our Florida lawns, the preparations for summer growth are a little different this month.