A Lifetime of Service

Gene McAvoy Is No Stranger to the Ag Community, but His Vast Experience Might Still Surprise You by KRISTEN GUEVARA Joy and gratitude radiate in Gene McAvoy’s voice as he recalls the day he was inducted into the Ag Agent Hall of Fame this past July. As only the third Florida county agent ever to

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Setting a Path for the Future

Scarlett Jackson Working on Establishing Ag Education Standards by PAMELA PALONGUE   Where do the farmers of tomorrow learn the skills needed for contemporary agriculture, which may involve business management skills and even the analysis of complex data to ensure the most productive crop? It starts with awareness of farming as a highly skilled profession

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Chomping at the Bit?

Learn These Five Basics of Horseback Riding and the Rest Will Come Easily Have you signed up your youth for riding lessons? Horseback riding lessons can help teach patience, discipline, understanding, empathy, compassion, self-control, and dedication. If you are thinking about signing up your youth or are about to start your riding lessons, here are

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