Ready for the New Year

Happy new year from all of us here at Central Florida Ag News! Between elections and legislation, this year will likely deal its fair share of twists and turns, but I remain hopeful because I know the people in Florida ag. They’re adaptive and resilient. Essentially, they are survivors.

When Florida Ag Commissioner Wilton Simpson began his term last year, he promised Florida growers he would fight for changes and protect their interests. One of his most recent moves to uphold this promise involves filing a joint resolution to eliminate multiple taxation on agricultural production by annual local property taxes through an amendment to the state constitution.

If successful, the amendment would create a tax exemption of tangible personal property — think farm machinery and equipment — on property that is already classified as agricultural.

The hope is this would — in the long run — encourage agricultural production in Florida and work to slow growing food costs.

Sen. Jay Collins and Rep. Danny Alvarez joined Simpson in the filing, which requires support by three-fifths of the membership of both the Florida House and Florida Senate before going on the ballot.

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