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Grilling season, Central Florida corn season blend together well

CENTRAL FLORIDA CORN is in season. That’s great news for folks who make toothpicks.


Recipe Spotlight: Cooking with herbs to dress up any plate

FRESH IS BIG in the world of food. And food doesn’t get much fresher than herbs you pick from your own window box or patio garden.


Recipe Spotlight: What to cook up with your fresh catch

THERE’S SOMETHING fishy in the state of Florida. And it’s all over the place. Just about any spot wet enough to wade in has some sort of fish. All you


Recipe Spotlight: When life gives you lemons, make more than just lemonade

WHEN FLORIDA gives you lemons, you should make something tasty. Maybe tart. Could be tangy. It doesn’t have to be lemonade. But it could be.


Recipe Spotlight: In peach anticipation

ANTICIPATION can be disappointing. We were at a dog show in Georgia — you know, where the great peaches come from — and someone said “peach cobbler.” Just the thought


Recipe Spotlight: A good bell pepper deserves a great stuffing

NOW IS THE TIME to get stuffing. Not turkeys, that’s months away, but sweet peppers. Florida peppers are here to about the end of May. A little work now will


Recipe Spotlight: Sharing the red, juicy strawberry bounty

WE HARVEST STRAWBERRIES in spring and pull off the road to buy them at farm stands or, if we have to, in stores. Folks up north have to shovel their


Recipe Spotlight: Four ideas for ‘crabby’ meals

There was a time when “crabby” was an insult. These days it’s delicious. Stone crabs are the stars of Florida’s crustacean show, but they are available only from October through


Recipe Spotlight: How a good hunt turns into a great meal

The hunt is over. The kill is cleaned. … Now, what do you do with it? Hunting has always been part of Florida but more so since the Spaniards let


Recipe spotlight: Beef for every day of the week

Remember Clara Peller? No? She was the 81-year-old bewigged and wrinkled lady with a bad attitude who asked, “Where’s the beef?” on Wendy’s commercials. Hey, Clara. It’s here. In Central