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Important lingo of the cold storage operation, Part II

LAST MONTH, we introduced you to a few of the terms common to the public refrigerated warehousing (PRW) and cold supply chain industries, and we promised we would continue the


Forklifts on ‘tracks’ in the warehouse

YOU’VE HEARD of trains and trolleys on tracks, but how about forklifts on tracks? It’s a fairly new phenomenon in warehousing and, like many new things in business, the technology


A tale of the cold chain when broken

DURING THE YEAR, we’ve summarized the importance of establishing and maintaining an effective cold chain to ensure food safety/food defense.


Why temperature is so important to the cold supply chain

NOW THAT WE’VE CLARIFIED the essential trailer and warehousing components of the cold supply chain, let’s reinforce and fully understand why temperature maintenance in this intricate process is so important.