This Is Only the Beginning

Artificial intelligence is the hot topic around the world right now regardless of industry, and that means the best and brightest minds are hard at work looking for ways to harness the power of AI. Most recently, my alma mater has jumped into the mix.

Several researchers from UCF are working to develop AI-driven technologies that would approve agriculture field operations. More specifically, they are developing AI methods for motion control and scheduling so autonomous ground robots can be used to detect diseases and harvest crops.

The effort is funded with a $2.74 million grant from the USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

A team, led by Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Professor Yunjun Xu, hopes to integrate AI into the movement of agricultural robotic arms to improve how they interact with their physical environment.

In addition, they are also interested in using AI to enhance sensors used in precision agriculture and analyze pesticide residue.

The researchers say they hope their work encourages future generations to get involved with agriculture.

It’s encouraging to see this work, along with the UF/IFAS plans to build the Applied Center for Artificial Intelligence in Hillsborough County, focusing on the future of AI in agriculture.

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