10 reasons to choose ag loans by AgAmerica, part I

If you’re seeking financial support for a new or established farm business, here are some great reasons to choose farm loans by AgAmerica Lending.

  1. We are the one and only! AgAmerica Lending is proud to be the only ag lending company in the Southeast authorized to offer these particularly unique loans.
  2. Diverse options. Loan types range from seven-year terms to more traditional, 25-year fully-amortized loans, to revolving lines of credit in order to best suit your agricultural project.
  3. Low interest rates. Interest rates can be as low as 2.9 percent, depending on the loan product. Our interest rates regularly beat all other agriculture loan programs.
  4. Our loans feature no standard prepayment penalties on early payoffs.
  5. Flexible payments.  Make payments monthly, semi-annually, or annually depending on what works best for your business and budget.

These are just some of the distinct ways AgAmerica Lending stands out. Plus, our staff includes employees whose own farming histories stretch back generations. Also, AgAmerica has its own experience with buying, selling, and managing agriculture land. Stay tuned for next month, and learn five more reasons to choose AgAmerican Lending for your farm loan!

This column is sponsored by Bankers South Lending & Finance.


column by LEIGH ANN WYNN

BIO: Leigh Ann Wynn is the Sr. VP of business development for Bankers South. Adding mortgage loan originator to her title, Leigh Ann is actively working with the AgAmerica Lending Program by Bankers South, offering low interest ag loans. As an active member of the ag community and a seventh generation Floridian, Leigh Ann understands your ag needs and is here to answer your questions. She can be reached at leighann@bankerssouth.com or (863) 607-9500.

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