Pathways to the Future of Citrus

Florida citrus growers have experienced more than their fair share of challenges in the past 15 years as HLB has ravaged groves, drastically reducing the state’s citrus yields year after year. While some growers have thrown in the towel and moved on to other ventures, many of our state’s grove operators and those of us …

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A Sense of Community

Community has never been more important than it is now. I just attended the 56th National Auctioneers Association Conference and Show, which was hosted in San Diego. My wife, who enjoys it, too, does remind me it’s not a “true vacation.” We reunited as a community and renewed our common bonds; we were blessed to …

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Katie Hennessy

Fall Preparations for your Horse

Fall is coming, and while the weather won’t be dramatically different from summer, the nights may be cooler. Here are some horse care items that need to be on your fall preparation checklist. 1. Shelter and Feeding Fall is a great time to repair any damage to fencing, stalls, and paddocks, and to inspect wiring …

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Mike Roberts

Research on Trunk Injection Mounts

Ute Albrecht, a scientist with the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, recently released findings from trials conducted regarding the injection of antibiotics into the trunks of citrus trees. The goal is to provide protection for the trees against HLB while simultaneously reducing the undesired effects of traditional forms of antibiotic application, …

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Katie Hennessy

Help Your Horse Manage Summer Issues

The summer weather has its advantages for horse owners, such as lower hay bills due to increased pasture grass, shorter hair coats to maintain, and longer daylight hours. Despite these benefits, there are some challenges that come with the heat and extra sunshine. Here’s how to tackle some common ones:   Hydration It’s important to …

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Researchers Focus on Cattle Genetics

Tracking genetics is nothing new to agriculture. In fact, the science of genetics is traced back to an Austrian friar tracking traits of pea plants. Scientists have followed genetic traits in cattle to identify which produce more milk or meat. But now, two University of Florida researchers hope to incorporate artificial intelligence (or “AI”) to …

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