O Christmas Tree

Each year around this time, I field the same question: Where can I go to cut down my own real Florida Christmas tree? Let’s get one thing straight before we get any further: If you’re hoping to take a drive out to the Florida countryside and haul home a classic blue spruce, you’re going to …

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A Vision in the Making

As the year comes to a close, I’m giddy with excitement like my teenage daughter Holly Kate on Christmas Eve. Even though it’s the right time of year, there’s a different reason. Longtime readers of this column know the Florida agriculture industry has long been a central focus of mine. Twelve years ago, I started …

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Katie Hennessy

Fiber Is Crucial for Horse Gut Health

The horse’s digestive tract is designed to be continuously processing forage. Ideally, horses should be on pasture grazing most of the day, which produces a continuous amount of saliva. The saliva creates a protective buffer for the stomach that decreases the risk of ulcer formation.  A high fiber diet maintains their gut health with constant …

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The Changing Shape of Agribusiness

Agribusiness (a portmanteau of “agriculture” and “business”) is an emerging term for the business sector that encompasses farming and all farming-related commercial activities. This includes every step in the process that delivers agricultural products to the market — production, processing, and distribution. In any country with land that can be worked, agribusiness is an important …

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