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14 Nov
Imagery Captures Florida Cattle Ranchers at Daylight

Story Behind AgAmerica’s Award Winning Cattle Rancher Photo American farmers and ranchers dedicate every hour of their day to running their operation – whether its late nights harvesting crops or early mornings feeding cattle – their job is never done. AgAmerica understands the commitment and resilience it takes to be a farmer or rancher and

22 Oct
Is the Citrus Commodity Due for a Comeback this Harvest

As the Industry Prepares to Hear the First USDA Florida Citrus Crop Estimate in Early October, Experts Are Making Their Own Predictions IT’S NO SECRET that Hurricane Irma had a devastating effect on the 2017-2018 Florida citrus harvest. After Irma plowed through the center of the state, making landfall on September 10, 2017, the subsequent citrus

22 Oct
Falling in Love with Your Lawn & Garden

In Florida, the fall season means something very different than in other areas of the country. For us, it means a break from the relentless heat and an opportunity to fall in love with being outside among the plants and flowers. This time of year also means special care for your landscape. Here at Doty

22 Oct
Annuities: Two Most Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve noticed over the years – with many clients throughout my career – that there are many concerns among investors specific to annuities. While it’s true that annuities are not an appropriate investment for everyone, there are many concerns and misconceptions that deserve to have a little light shed on them! A good place to

22 Oct
Deadline for Assistance Through NRCS EQIP Approaching

There’s a lot of thought and planning that goes into farming, and that includes the four Rs of nutrient stewardship (right fertilizer source, at the right rate, in the right time, and in the right place).  As a farmer or rancher in Florida, you understand what it takes to match nutrient supply with crop requirements

22 Oct
ACS and Food Safety Technology

When Congress passes far-reaching legislation, it often triggers American ingenuity in developing better methods and tools to meet new regulations. Such was the case with the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). I’ve previously written about the FSMA, and the topic list for this Act is almost endless. Signed into law in 2011, FSMA was

22 Oct
A Solution for Your Child’s Health Coverage

If your child is uninsured or you’re spending too much on a job-based family insurance plan, then you need to know about your option to apply for Florida KidCare. The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for the state of Florida is called Florida KidCare. Florida’s CHIP program consists of Medicaid, MediKids, Healthy Kids, and CMS.

22 Oct
HLB Effects on Citrus Tree Root Mass

It’s a somewhat obvious fact of biology and botany: The healthier a plant is below the ground, the healthier it tends to be above the ground. In the case of a fruit-bearing plant or tree — like a Florida citrus tree — the healthier its fruit tends to be. A big and dense root system

22 Oct
Fighting Ag Labor Shortages Through FFA

Like their counterparts in the U.S. construction industry, leaders and producers in U.S. agriculture are telling anyone who will listen that they need more help to get their work done. In a nutshell, there’s a labor shortage in key industries in this booming economy. In addition to agriculture, the number of people who can do

22 Oct
Pythiosis and Your Equine

Pythiosis or otherwise known as “Swamp Cancer” is caused by Pythium insidiosum which has long been regarded as a fungus. This tropical disease is contracted after exposure to the spores which are found in stagnant water (swamps, ponds, lakes, and wet fields). Most often the spores infect damaged skin thru sores or mucosa where they