@griTech: Enlisting cellular technology for better fuel management

WITH ALL OF THE AMAZING technologies that are literally available at the tip of a finger, now is the best time to make these advances work for you and your business. If you were out shopping for that perfect vehicle, you wouldn’t choose the model that Fred Flintstone peddled to work on a daily basis. Instead, you would naturally pick the car that best fits your needs and has the features that make driving a pleasure.

In the extremely competitive world of Florida agriculture, there is little room to waste time and money on inferior technologies and methods. A company named SMARTLogix has made a significant advance in the way growers keep their business running uninterrupted. One product the company has implemented is the SMARTank wireless fuel tank monitoring device. Rather than being stuck in the Stone Age and continuing to monitor fuel levels by using a manual stick, this technology can save both time and money.

The SMARTank technology creates a huge advantage in the world of fuel management. Utilizing one of the tank’s existing openings, a device that uses sound waves to measure the amount of liquid in the tank is lowered in place. Being battery-powered, the device is operational within minutes of being installed on the tank. To ensure that you never miss a measurement, it uses cellular technology with coverage of around 98 percent of the entire country, including Florida. Upon becoming fully operational, there are a variety of ways to keep a close eye on your fuel level. Using the company’s website, the SMARTank system will send level updates based on time, predetermined intervals, or when a significant change in liquid volume is detected. Depending on your needs, you may choose to monitor the system yourself or utilize a trusted authorized dealer of SMARTank, such as SSI Petroleum based in Winter Haven and Belle Glade, to make the cutting-edge fuel management system completely turnkey and stress-free.

Once the technology is implemented, it is then time to strategize and enhance the performance of the SMARTank device. For example, if you have five 500-gallon tanks, then put one monitor on the last tank to be used. Once the monitor detects that the fuel in the fifth tank is going down, SSI Petroleum will be notified and subsequently come out to fill all the tanks. Also, instead of paying for the manpower to drive to each well on the citrus grove and check the fuel level (which could take hours or days), having a SMARTank system eliminates the time, labor, and expense in this process. It also ensures that your irrigation system will have the power to continue working during that critical winter freeze or dry season.

There is nothing more valued in the world of agriculture than time. Instead of continuing to invest in an antiquated measuring process, set up a good fuel level management system to save your business time, frustration, and risk. For more information, contact Steve Ervin with SSI Petroleum at 863-287-1684 or toll free at 877-811-FUEL (3835).


article by RYAN WALLS

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