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26 Nov
Kidz Outdoors Forming Relationships, Fighting Childhood Diseases

by MATT NORMAN The great outdoors have long served as a way to explore and discover. The adventures experienced were part of growing up and for many families, these adventures include hunting. While some families head to the beach for family vacations, others would rather go to the woods, where many great moments and long

19 Jul
Harvest Time

Farm Safety 101 While the total number of agricultural fatalities has been decreasing in recent years, farm safety is still an important topic, with 285 farmers and ranchers being killed on the job in 2007 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Farming life often brings to mind an idyllic setting: tranquility, a breeze, a

08 Jun
Florida Roots

Florida’s Favorite Red, Juicy, Triangle by MARY TOOTHMAN There’s no question that watermelon is a popular crop among growers: it’s grown in more than 96 countries in the world and 44 states in the United States! According to the Florida Watermelon Association, it’s particularly well suited for the Sunshine State, where watermelon production is ranked

08 Jun
Harvest Time: Catching up With Tom West Blueberries

How Did the Farm’s Switch from Citrus to Berries Pan Out? by MARY TOOTHMAN  The Tom West family farm that once grew citrus in Ocoee switched to blueberries in 2010, after severe freezes. We chatted with Stacy Williams, granddaughter of the late Tom Williams, to see how things have gone since. Some background: After World

13 Dec

Looking to the Soil for Solutions in the Fight Against Greening On 15 acres at Howey-in-the-Hills in Lake County, a citrus grove once abandoned by its owner has new life, witnesses say.  Hamlin orange trees with obvious symptoms of greening are growing healthy, new leaves. “My goal was just to make a perfect, healthy living

25 Jul
Recipe Spotlight

Adding Citrus to Your Summertime Cookout We have determined that every day is cookout day in Central Florida. And Central Florida citrus is a natural flavor for barbecues. But when the trees are bare, we have to turn to juices and jams to keep the home fires tasty. Frozen orange juice concentrate, invented in the

19 Jun
Recipe Spotlight: Favorite Recipes that Paint Your Plate Blue

WE HAVE HAD A LOT OF FUN cooking and eating Central Florida blueberries since I first wrote about them in Central Florida Ag News in 2011. We have more berries now, thanks to adventurous Florida farmers who plant, prune, and pluck larger acreages every year. This season, for all “in tents and porpoises” (couldn’t resist

13 Mar
Recipe Spotlight: It’s easy cooking green

  For good health and good rating, snap the beans and boil the collards FARM-GROWN GREEN THINGS are good for you. There’s a generalization you can take to the bank. Other colored foods are equally good, but today’s focus is on green. If you had a short nap, you might have missed the two hours