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09 Dec
Commissioner’s AgriCorner: Just for wounded veterans

TWO AMERICAN SOLDIERS sustained significant injuries across the street from one another, a year apart, while serving in Fallujah, Iraq. Years later, chance brought these two American heroes together while on a hunting trip with Operation Outdoor Freedom, where they realized their shared Falluja experience sitting around a campfire.

16 Sep
Commissioner’s AgriCorner: Judi Whitson is the 2016 Woman of the Year in Agriculture

AGRICULTURE IN FLORIDA is high-tech. It’s not Old McDonald’s Farm anymore, and in order to feed our global population of 10 billion by 2050, we need to invest in our youth. We need to mentor young people and set an example of how innovation and passion can continue to propel the agriculture industry forward. Our

02 Sep
Commissioner’s AgriCorner: Farm to School program update

THE BEGINNING OF EACH school year ushers in a whole new set of experiences for Florida’s children, whether it is a new classroom, new teacher, new classmates, or even a whole new school. This year, Florida students will be going back to more than new classes, teachers, and friends — we’re working to make sure