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19 May
Commissioner’s AgriCorner: Strengthening Florida’s livestock industry

State’s Bronson Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory modernized FLORIDA’S FARMERS AND RANCHERS face a variety of threats, including pests, diseases, and market changes. In fact, the survival of Florida’s 500-year-old agriculture industry has hinged on its ability to prevent, diagnose, and respond to crises. Now, with an upgrade and modernization of the Florida Department of Agriculture

29 Mar
Ag Time with Abby: What does ag education actually teach?

IN RECENT REPORTS, there has been talk of doing away with agriculture education due to budget cuts. Personally, I don’t see why agriculture is not a mandated class. Back in the day, there were classes like home economics and shop that taught us some life skills, but again, due to budget cuts, those classes are

14 Mar
Commissioner’s AgriCorner: State preserves record 2,500 acres of environmentally sensitive ag land

FOR CENTURIES, Florida’s farmers and ranchers have served as Florida’s original conservationists and great stewards of our natural resources. In recognition of these contributions, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has collaborated with our state’s ranchers and farmers to protect important agricultural lands, and their immeasurable environmental benefits, for generations to come.

29 Jan
Commissioner’s AgriCorner: Rolling out a multifaceted plan for continued support of Florida citrus

FLORIDA IS KNOWN for its white sandy beaches, world-class attractions, and (my personal favorite) citrus. Look no further than Florida’s official license plate, with its image of two oranges and an orange blossom, as proof of its place in our history and culture. Florida has been synonymous with citrus for most of our 500-year history

23 Dec
Ag Time with Abby: New FFA chapter takes root

IT IS ALWAYS exciting to have a new chapter established in the FFA, especially when it is one right here in Polk County! Winter Haven Christian School was founded in 1965, and it added a high school in 2013. This year, they introduced Agriculture as one of the academies for their high school students. I

22 Dec
Recipe Spotlight: Color your plate red and green for the holidays

THE REASON for Christmas , the birth of baby Jesus, goes back more than 2,000 years. And we shouldn’t forget that. Modern Christmas just wouldn’t be the same holiday without Santa’s red suit and Rudolph’s red nose. You have to add some green in there, too … holly branches and mistletoe, for instance. DID YOU