The Year Ahead for Agritechnology

The Year Ahead for Agritechnology

So, what’s in store for 2013 from an agritechnology perspective? For agriculture, we will see a significant increase in tablet computing at the farming level because of decreased prices and widespread acceptance in the industry. There will also be more software applications available and increased Internet connectivity options. Things such as hot spots often are free as part of a package, or a monthly charge can be added on to your wireless phone bill.

Agriculture computing will continue to get easier with new technology, but the demands for information also will increase. An example is the FDA’s recent release of two new food safety rules. One of these rules focuses on water on the farm, requiring additional field data collection and reporting.

Cloud computing (applications stored on the Internet) will continue to grow in 2013 and beyond. A simple example is my cell phone. It is automatically backed up on the cloud, making my data more secure, and preserving all my contacts, pictures, etc. If I lose, damage, or replace my device, it is much easier to get the information that is needed. This is the same way agriculture software applications can help manage the ever-increasing demand for information.

Technology of all types will continue to advance our industry. Have a great 2013!


column by RICK MONTNEY

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