A Great Deal for You and Youth in Ag

Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch and Chop-N-Block are committed to supporting the future of agriculture in Central Florida, and we’re putting our money where our mouth is! For a limited time, we are offering amazing, high-quality beef that was raised by local ag students for sale to the public at an incredible price.

These kids did an outstanding job of raising their beef cattle and showing them at the recent Polk County Youth Fair. This meat has been graded and certified by the USDA as Choice beef. We are proud to be able to give these ambitious students a chance to market their products, and we’ll be returning a share of the profits to the students themselves so they can continue their journey and purchase the steers they’ll raise for 2023.

 We understand the importance of teaching the younger generations about agriculture. There’s not a single one among us who doesn’t rely on agriculture for our survival, and the only way we can really attain food security as a nation is by supporting our local farmers. If we expect to have local growers and ranchers to provide us with necessities in the future, we need to cultivate a passion for agriculture in the youth.

 When we support our local farmers and students, we are investing in our future as a strong, healthy society. You can do your part to show your support by purchasing the exceptional beef produced by local ag students from Chop-N-Block. We are offering the meat at a specially reduced price to make it more accessible to the public.

 This beef is available for a limited time for $8.50 per pound, a dramatic cost savings for you, the consumer! Beef of this quality would normally retail for over $12 per pound in a traditional grocery store. You can choose to purchase an entire steer or just half, and we will have the meat packaged, labeled, and ready for you to pick up at your convenience.

 If you aren’t able to take advantage of this special offer at this time, don’t worry! We’ll be participating in several more youth fairs throughout the state from now until mid-April, so we’ll be offering this deal again soon.

For more information, contact Chop-N-Block Custom Meat Processing in Winter Haven at 863-662-1007.

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