A Solution to Lousy Work Boots Causing Back and Leg Pain

Your job is tough enough.  Why make it tougher wearing a lousy pair of work boots?  Last month, I wrote about how poorly constructed work boots provide insufficient support and cause unnecessary pressure on your ankles, knees and lower back.  I also outlined the costs this would have on your productivity, say nothing about the toll it has on your mood after wearing them all day.  


This month, I want to provide you a solution… and show you a specific, tangible, well-constructed pair of work boots.  The product: J-Max American Made Work Boot by Justin.  


What makes this a quality boot?  

For starters, it’s made with genuine cowhide, not bonded leather or man-made materials you’ll find in a lesser boot.  Its parts are sewn together, not glued, for longer-lasting construction. Justin uses patented, high-density materials in its sole – both insole and outsole. And it’s American made – enough said.


How does this boot provide support where you need it?  

Remember, real comfort and support comes from construction, not a cushion.  So all the points above contribute to its support. Plus this boot has seven different layers of material between your foot and the pavement, offering true foot support, particularly in your arch and heel – all while protecting you from external conditions.  Simply put, this boot won’t break down the way a poorly made boot will.        


What other features does it have?

These boots, in all its forms, exceed ASTM safety standards.  It’s rated for electrical hazards and is also available without safety toe. It provides slip resistance and so much more than a “bargain” boot.  


Sure, this boot costs a bit more than a brand sold at a large discount store, but it’s worth it. So if you’re not buying it from Russell’s, buy it from someone – you’ll be glad you did.  To learn more about all the J-Max, visit our store or Russells.com and type in the search field: J-MAX.  

Bio: Scott Meister is a native Floridian and owner of all seven Russell’s boot stores. He’s also co-owner of Cornerstone Solution Group, a landscape and construction company that operates a 90-acre tree farm and nursery in Dade City. For questions and inquiries about this article, contact Russell’s at info@russells.com, call 813-600-5715, or visit russells.com.

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