Adaptation, Communication, Preparation

Although it has been some time since Hurricane Ian came and went last year, many in the Florida agriculture community are still suffering from the financial impact. Many lessons were learned, and some of those revolved around the importance of proper preparation. 

Pay Now or Pay More Later

We learned some measures worked well; others … not so much. Citrus growers in this current HLB environment are trying to stretch every penny more so than ever, but the wisdom behind the old saying “pay now or pay more later” rang true in many circumstances. 

Learning From the Experience

The lessons don’t stop after the storm has passed. In fact, the learning continues long after. It is most important that we apply this knowledge and adapt going forward as the threat from inclement weather definitely did not end with Ian. The recent close call with Hurricane Idalia was a consequential reminder of this. 

Good Communication

Good communication is another invaluable part of the process. It goes hand in hand with robust feedback, which the Tree Defender team considers an indispensable resource. As the creators of the IPC, the Tree Defender team continuously strives to improve IPC technology by applying what we have learned. Those collective lessons shape the tactics and tools we devise for growers. That essential communication we mentioned before helps us more effectively share the improvements. 

While the Central Florida region was widely spared the wrath of the most recent threat, the Tree Defender team stands as ready as ever to assist growers with the most updated recommendations on how to properly secure Tree Defenders in preparation for the storms that undoubtedly lie ahead!

Bio: Scott Thompson is co-founder of Tree Defender, Radical Ag-Tech, and Care Planet Technologies. He is a Central Florida native with a background in agribusiness, food manufacturing, and bioscience.

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