Auctions Can Tap Into Emotion and Reputation

We had a very successful auction last week for the University of Missouri with a large number of buyers online as well as in person at the university.  We received double the price anticipated. This is a great example for anyone who has been holding their assets for a long time. If you want to get top dollar, now is the time to pull the trigger!


While in Missouri, I went to the personal property auction of a gentleman I had gone to school with. It was a cold, blustery day. It was 30 degrees, and the wind was blowing about 20 mph, which would lead you to think that there would not be many people there, but there were about 200 people with bid numbers. The price received was incredible, probably 150 to 200% more than it would bring in Florida.


This never ceases to amaze me. The seller was well known in the area for his knowledge of values. He was well respected as a good neighbor and a person who would help in any situation. As an example, I bought an item that in my 62 years I have never seen, let alone sold. It was a cast-iron pressure cooker made in England between 1885 and 1895 in great condition. I bought it not because I needed one, but like most of the people bidding, I wanted to support the family. It is called giving back for a life well lived with honesty and integrity.  


Why did I tell this story? It doesn’t matter what the product is, the auction method of marketing brings out the value every time, regardless of the situation or location. There is no better way to take advantage of emotion, providence, and reputation of the owner than at an auction. Make no mistake, if the owner was not a good neighbor or was dishonest, that would be reflected in prices as well.


Summer is off to a good start with sales coming up in Florida and very interesting out-of-state sales, as well. We will be holding a major firearm auction in June at the Rocking H Ranch. There will be approximately 250 firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition, and hundreds of assorted firearm-related items like holsters, cleaning supplies, showcases, and more.  Don’t miss this one!


We invite you to come to our auctions, and if you know someone who needs help turning assets into money, please share our number.


See you at the auction, and God bless!  

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