William "Bill" Doty

August tips for a wonderful lawn!

It’s hard to believe that it is August already!  I’ve provided some tips below that should help keep your lawn the best it can be.

During this month, it’s important to keep a close eye out for insects in your grass and plants.  A few that are common to our area that you should keep an eye out for are; Mole crickets, chinch bugs, sod-webworms, and azalea caterpillars.

Your azaleas and camellias are hungry this time of year, so it’s time to fertilize them – also another tip and a free service we provide. Please bring us a soil sample and we’ll evaluate it for free to make sure your pH levels are okay.

Also please don’t forget to continue to feed and spray your roses.  Thrips can be a problem on light colored roses around this time of year.  Spray with Malathion or Acephate to control.

It’s important to remember that nutritional sprays are just as important to the health, fruitfulness, and beauty of plants as regular fertilizers.  They are vital because Zinc and Manganese are not very effective when applied in the soil. Leaves of these plants can easily take in these elements that are very important to their health.  

Start planting and preparing for fall vegetable gardens.  Clean your garden site and add compost, manure, or peat to hold moisture and fertilizer until plants can use it. 

BIO: William R. “Bill” Doty is the owner of Doty’s Farm and Garden Supply Inc. Founded in 1954, Doty Farm and Garden Supply, Inc. has been there for every one of their loyal customer’s budding needs.  Bill Graduated from Winter Haven H.S. and then Florida State University, Bill learned invaluable lessons in listening, asking questions, and reading anything related to the family business and shares his knowledge with his customers daily and our readers each month.

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