Bad Footwear Can Cost You Productivity and Profits

Ever seen a guy or gal walking the heels off of a pair worn-out boots? Or worse, maybe that’s you? 

What you put on your feet has a huge impact on your productivity. It’s no secret that cheap boots will fall apart and wear out quickly. The next time you see somebody working in worn out boots, imagine yourself in their shoes. Without proper support, you’ll be walking off the sides of the sole, which puts undue pressure on your ankles, knees, and lower back. Try working through that joint and back pain and you’ll find that you move slower and fatigue sets in a whole lot quicker. 

This isn’t just some sales pitch. I’ve watched my guys work, and I’ve witnessed firsthand the difference when a guy comes in with lousy shoes. The moral of this story: Bad footwear leads to poor productivity, and poor productivity leads to poor profits.

Assume that fatigue costs you 10% of your productivity. That means 10 hours of work is going to take more than 11 hours to complete. In this scenario, you are losing an hour per day, and at the end of the year you’ve lost at least 250 hours. 

Even at a modest $10 per hour, that cost you $2,500. But a really solid pair of Justin Work Boots will only set you back on average $150 twice per year. So do yourself a favor and invest in quality footwear, and while you’re at it, make sure that your people have quality footwear, too. 

Bio: Scott Meister is a native Floridian and owner of all seven Russell’s boot stores. He’s also co-owner of Cornerstone Solution Group, a landscape and construction company that operates a 90-acre tree farm and nursery in Dade City. For questions and inquiries about this article, contact Russell’s at, call 813-600-5715, or visit


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