Bamboo an alternative crop for citrus growers

Florida citrus growers are doing everything in their power to stay solvent in the face of citrus greening. Adding in alternative crops is a good option, and many citrus growers find themselves considering bamboo. Bamboo has a lot of benefits, and it’s in high demand, which makes it an attractive drop-in option as an alternative crop for citrus growers.

First and foremost, bamboo is steadily making inroads in many different facets in the construction industry. It has many uses, from flooring and furniture to wall materials and a replacement for conventional lumber. Even though it is technically a grass, bamboo is very woody and can be used in applications where wood has traditionally been used. The high demand for bamboo will continue to grow as its use moves into the mainstream of the construction industry.

Bamboo hits all the notes consumers are looking for. For one, it’s fast-growing and sustainable with a low carbon footprint, making it an environmentally friendly choice when it comes to replacing conventional lumber. Additionally, bamboo is durable and has properties that make it a desirable construction material. For instance, a company named BamCore manufactures customized, code-compliant wall systems made out of bamboo timber. They maintain their product is stronger, quieter, more flame retardant, and thermally superior to traditional stud-framed walls.  Young bamboo shoots may be the newest superfood. Asian consumers have long appreciated culinary bamboo, and US consumers are quickly adapting to this new crop.

Bamboo grows exponentially faster than any other wood product. Some species of timber bamboo grow two to three feet a day and are established after about three years in the ground. That timeline vastly outpaces any other tree used for similar purposes. 

Florida’s tropical climate is well-suited to growing bamboo as it likes a moist, humid environment. Florida is poised to be a US-based source for bamboo, and any citrus grower who utilizes it as an alternative crop could be well rewarded for getting in on the ground floor of this in-demand crop.

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