William "Bill" Doty

The battle for your lawn and garden

NOW THAT WE’RE well into July, here are some tips you can arm yourself with for your lawn and garden.

This month is the time for summer fertilization of your lawn. It’s also a good time to repair, renovate, or plant. It is key to work in as much organic materials, such as peat, manure, and compost, into your soil before planting.

Remember, weeds grow at a lower fertility level than turf grasses. A hungry lawn usually is a weedy lawn. Feed and mow your lawn on a regular schedule this year and watch the improvement. Fungus diseases also thrive in July. Watch your grass and use a good granular turf fungicide at the first sign of disease.

Spraying your roses weekly with a good fungicide such as Thiomyl, Daconil, Dithane M-45 is a great idea. Rose bushes are especially hungry plants, so feed them regularly.

Spider mites attack most plants and can do severe damage. Using a miticide, such as Merit, is your best bet against these difficult pests.

Make sure you watch for scale insects as well. Whiteflies, chinch bugs, sob webworms, and armyworms are some of the more common nuisances. We have exactly what you need for these battles so you ultimately can win the war and free your lawn and garden of these pests.



BIO: William R. “Bill” Doty is owner of Doty Farm and Garden Supply Inc., founded in Winter Haven in 1954. Bill graduated from Winter Haven High School and Florida State University. Growing up, he learned valuable lessons in listening and asking questions and was a student of the family business. Bill shares his knowledge with his customers daily and with readers of Central Florida Ag News monthly.

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