Benefits to Having an Attorney During Your Ag Real Estate Transactions

There are a lot of real estate transactions that are a part of being a farmer or rancher, and having an experienced real estate lawyer on your side is a good idea in every single one of those transactions. Having a lawyer look out for your best interests helps give you peace of mind and can anticipate issues before they become problems.

Here are some of the benefits to having a real estate lawyer as part of your team during ag real estate dealings.

Reviewing Contracts

Real estate sales and purchases, and land leases, can involve complex terms and provisions. Want to pull out of the sale? It’s dictated by the contract. Need more time for closing? It is dictated by the contract. Having a lawyer review all real estate contracts before they are signed will protect you and the ag operation in the long run, and could likely save a lot of time, money, and aggravation.

Problem solving during the title search concerning liens

A real estate transaction will include a title search, looking for liens—encumbrances on the property created due to money being owed by the seller—to ensure the land can legally be sold. Lawyers will be able to sort through the particulars of any liens that arise and have problem-solving strategies to satisfy the liens so the sale can go forward.

Ensuring a smooth closing

A real estate attorney will be able to oversee important aspects of the sale like preparation of closing paperwork, handing the transfer of title, keeping track of money that needs to change hands, and more. Your real estate attorney will be looking for surprises or sticking points that could hinder or delay your closing.

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