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15 Jun
Publisher Letter: Getting the blueberries off the bush

While many things in the world of agriculture have changed over the past year, several of the issues that have arisen while dealing with labor needs have remained the same. This is especially true for the Florida blueberry industry. So, let’s examine some of the crucial topics and how they have evolved over the past

28 Aug
Florida Roots: The Latt Maxcy Heritage

In the city of Frostproof, The Friendly City, Latimer Maxcy established one of the largest land holdings in the state with one of the most influential citrus groves and substantial ranches. Latt, affectionately remembered as such, was born in Columbia, South Carolina on November 7, 1887.  His family relocated to Florida in 1895, when shortly

27 Aug
Harvest Time: Slicing Watermelon Fact from Fiction

There’s almost nothing better on a hot summer day than a tasty ice-cold slice of watermelon. No other food – except maybe barbeque, baked beans, coleslaw and homemade ice cream – can conjure up a Norman Rockwell summer scene like a watermelon. They are synonymous with picnics, fireworks and just plain, good eating. As Central

27 Jul
Recipe Spotlight: Exclusive Interview with Delicious Tips for Family Cooking

The only full-time agriculture chef in the United States, Justin Timineri, sat down with us to talk about his favorite topic . . . food.  More specifically, Florida food and how to cook it in fun, simple, and delicious ways!  I asked him a little about his job, since his is the only one like

26 Jul
The Greener Side: Florida Sets the Purity Standard for Other States to Follow

Although it’s nice to hear the word honey as a term of endearment from a loved one, it’s even better to see honey on the dinner table.  Yet, no matter how often people enjoy the naturally sweet nectar, see the hives in an orange grove or address someone with the Southern noun honey, the miracle