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22 Oct
Falling in Love with Your Lawn & Garden

In Florida, the fall season means something very different than in other areas of the country. For us, it means a break from the relentless heat and an opportunity to fall in love with being outside among the plants and flowers. This time of year also means special care for your landscape. Here at Doty

22 Oct
Equine Rescue Groups Gather to Network and Learn

At Hope Equine Rescue Group, as many as 40 neglected horses are taken in and cared for each year, and eventually placed in good homes. President Dani Horton says the group, which she founded about four years ago, runs on donations and volunteer efforts. Sharing and gathering information from other rescue groups is a great

18 Sep
Helpful Tips for a Beautiful Backyard Pond

By Grace Boggess There are plenty of renovations that can be quick and easy which can turn your regular backyard into a beautiful relaxation area. Backyard ponds can help improve the overall habitat of various animals in your area, such as various insects, birds, and of course – your fish! A pond can really add

18 Sep
Q&A About Upcoming Ranch Rodeo & Cowboy Heritage Festival

By Mary Toothman Put on your cowboy boots and get ready for a rodeo reunion. The 2018 Florida Cattlemen’s Associations Florida Ranch Rodeo & Free Cowboy Heritage Festival is coming up in a few short weeks. Dusty Holley, director of field services for the Florida Cattlemen’s Association, has been really busy the past few months,

18 Sep
Taking Fishing to the Next Level: Competitive Fishing More than a Relaxing Past-Time

By Cheryl Rogers Many people enjoy fishing because it’s relaxing. But for Kyle Stafford and Evan Wieber — and others like them — fishing is a competitive sport. Many people consider fishing a recreational past-time. When they fish, it’s a time to relax and commune with nature. Whether they catch any fish is immaterial. But

18 Sep
Best Public Lands to Ride Your ATV in Florida

By Teresa Schiffer Many people enjoy getting off the beaten path in their spare time with a drive on an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) or OHV (off-highway vehicle). Hey, it’s fun to get out there and get dirty zipping around on a 4-wheeler! It’s also nice to take that long, leisurely ride through the woods, enjoying

13 Aug
Brian Armstrong: The Man Behind Plans to Meet Future Water Needs

by CHERYL ROGERS Brian Armstrong, the executive director of the Southwest Florida Water Management District, is bringing together people and organizations to prepare for a growing demand for water. Since the Southwest Florida Water Management District was created to mitigate flood control in the wake of Hurricane Donna in 1960, its role has expanded to