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13 Jun
Beef Cattle Getting Genetic Makeover

by ERIKA ALDRICH photo by MARC HELLER/E&E News There’s no mistaking that The Sunshine State sees its share of hot weather, and Florida beef cattle feel the heat too. Recent studies have confirmed that both beef and dairy cattle are healthier and more productive at cooler temperatures, and there are many ways that beef producers

10 May
Keitha Bennett is Helping to Shape the Next Generation of Agriculture

by TIM CRAIG From her office, Keitha Bennett gets one of best glimpses at the growth and future of Florida agriculture. As coordinator of the Agricultural Education Services and Technology (AEST) certification program, the Haines City native sits at the nexus of education and industry and is able to help shape both. Yet, her perspective

10 May
Scarlett Jackson is One Powerful Woman in Ag

by TERESA SCHIFFER For Scarlett Jackson, agriculture isn’t just a vocation, it’s a way of life. Jackson’s life has been intertwined with agriculture since her earliest days. She was raised on a farm and retains precious memories of that lifestyle. Nowadays she is devoted to helping support the next generation of agriculturists as they find

10 May
Florida Team Part of 2019 National Excellence in Teaching About Agriculture

by MATT COBBLE Photo courtesy of When the National Agriculture in the Classroom Organization (NAITCO) announced the 2019 winners of their National Excellence in Teaching About Agriculture award, one winner stood out from the pack. A team of teachers from Millennia Gardens Elementary School in Orlando – Dawn Chehab, Joshua Garrett, John Martinez, Erica

10 May
Riding Equines at Crystal Beach Farms

by J.P. SMITH   What brought world travelers and water skiers, Rob and Carol Bemman, to settle in Polk County on Eagle Lake and establish a horse trail? Their journey to this place in time, is waft with reminiscent sights, smells, and sensory delight, of beautiful Cypress Gardens, where it is their memories that still

09 Apr
2019 Central Florida Ag Alliance Luncheon

Bringing Together Florida Agri-Business and Florida Law Enforcement to Protect the State’s Rural & Agricultural Communities by DAPHNE RENELUS We often hear quotes that emphasize the importance of coming together to accomplish a goal, but rarely do we make a conscious effort to really follow these quotes’ messages. When it comes to the value of

09 Apr
That’s a Lot of Beef

Florida Cattle & Livestock Industries Giving States Economy a Boost by TIM CRAIG Carlton Taylor, the president of the Polk County Cattlemen’s Association, leads a group of ranchers who impact the state economy in ways the general public may not readily see. Together with the state and the national association, Taylor wants to spread the

09 Apr
Putting On Horse Genes

A Look at Research Being Done to Understand Equine Genetics by MATT COBBLE Every living organism on this planet is built by a set of genes. Genes that people have been influencing (or, if you prefer, ‘encouraging strategic traits’) since Gregor Mendel first discovered them while hybridizing pea plants in the mid nineteenth century. And

09 Apr
Meet the New PCCA Sweetheart

Hannah Cline Ready for New Role to Fight for the Beef Industry by MARY TOOTHMAN Hannah Cline has her cowgirl boots on, a smile on her face, and her plans and goals set for 2019. The true-blue cowgirl is the Polk County Cattlemen’s Association’s new Sweetheart. The youngest child of Dan and Sheri Cline, she