Being in hog heaven

| One man’s pigpen is Emily Heuer’s treasure | Her older sister seemed to have fun in Future Farmers of America raising hogs, so Emily Heuer felt she would have fun as well. Yet, at the close of her fourth year with the agriculture program, Emily discovered she not only gained memorable times with others …

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Little-Known Facts on the Clydesdale

Unique Aspects of an Already-Unique Breed Since the repeal of Prohibition, Clydesdale horses have become synonymous with Budweiser beer. The flamboyant draft horse is featured in national advertising, parades and horse shows. But the humble beginnings of the breed were on the farm. And although Clydesdales were replaced by tractors in many places, they are …

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All in the Family of Citrus Growers

A Farming Tradition of Bill Green and His Sons At 85 years-old (86 the day this article goes to print), Bill Green is optimistic about the Florida citrus industry. “If they enjoy what they are doing as much as I do, there will always be citrus in the state of Florida,” says Green.

2013 Legislature Concerns for Agricluture

From Labor Issues to HLB Research: A Look at Ongoing Challenges for the Year Florida’s citrus industry is seeking $9 million from the state Legislature this year as it battles citrus greening, or Huanglongbing (HLB), a potentially devastating disease spread by the Asian psyllid.

More Than Men of Citrus

Two Things Each You Might NOT Know About the 2013 Florida Citrus Hall of Fame Inductees COLONEL FRANCIS L. DANCY During the Civil War, he was Adjutant General of the Confederacy, serving in Florida and Northern Virginia. The defeat of the South and the prohibition of former Confederate officers from holding elective office during Reconstruction …

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