It’s Celebration Time!

  • • October 2 is National Homemade Cookie Day
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  • • October 4 is National Taco Day
  • • October 6 is Mad Hatter Day (have a merry tea party)
  • • October 12 is International Moment of Frustration Day (This is your chance to just stop whatever you’re doing and LET IT OUT!)
  • • October 15 is Global Hand Washing Day (Just Do It!)
  • • October 16 is National Dictionary Day (Word Nerds Rejoice! Today is your day.)
  • • October 18 is National NO Beard Day (If you’re an off-beat holiday observer with facial hair, it’s got to go!)
  • • October 19 is Evaluate your Life Day (Get your Ducks in a row!)
  • • October 20 is Information Overload Day (Time to reduce the digital noise.. instead of sending 100 emails, send only 90.)
  • • October 24 is National Bologna Day (Bologna has its roots in Bologna, Italy, and is derived from a sausage made there called Mortadella.)
  • • October 31 is Mischief Night (Unless you enjoy a good prank, you might not want to answer the doorbell.)


    column by DONALD KIRKLAND
    BIO: Donald Kirkland (AU 1803 AB 158) is a third generation Floridian, from Medulla (South Lakeland) and admitted “Florida Cracker.” He has worked at Higgenbotham Auctioneers since 1993. Donald enjoys the agriculture community spirit, 4-H, FHA, FFA. Donald is a certified and licensed auctioneer and real estate associate.
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