CFMG Publisher Letter: One great edition leads to another

THIS EDITION, we’ve got a whole lineup of great stories about women and their diverse roles in the driving economic force that is Florida agriculture. I particularly enjoyed the story about April Miller on PAGE 18 (of our print edition) and Suzanne Churchwell on PAGE 27. These women are not just wives, and moms, and active members of our community. They are also entrepreneurs, growers, accomplished riders, teachers, and more. To say that these individuals are making a lasting contribution to the continued enrichment of our way of life is an understatement.

Just between peaches and blueberries, Florida has had a bountiful past few months. When I read about Margie Adams and her successful harvest at Pampered Peach orchard, I’m reminded of Florida’s diverse agriculture commodidies. How many states do you know that can harvest peaches in one community and blueberries only a few miles away at this time of year? And that’s not to mention the other agriculture commodities we’re harvesting right now, such as our citrus, watermelon, tomato, and sweet corn.

If you don’t know a lot about Florida peaches, I recommend reading the Harvest Time article on PAGE 16, as well as our Recipe Spotlight on PAGE 38.

On the Kirkland Farm, we’ve been harvesting blueberries for the past few weeks and the action is coming to a dose. Overall, the Florida blueberry industry has experienced a good season, but it has not been without its own set of unique challenges. Fortunately, though, there have been no reported severe pests (other than the birds who seem to love blueberries as much as us humans — if not more).

If you want to read about the blueberry harvest, however, you’ll have to wait until the next edition, which is going to be our Annual Blueberry Round-Up. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy this edition and its unique perspective through the roles of Women in Agriculture.



Nelson Kirkland is publisher of Central Florida Ag News. He may be reached by e-mail at

Posted May 15, 2012

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