Common Questions about Receiving an AgAmerica Farm Loan, Part III

Common Questions about Receiving an AgAmerica Farm Loan, Part III

In my third and final entry of answering common questions on AgAmerica farm loans, I offer details on equity “Line of Credit” that may prove to be a viable option for your operation.

Can I finance an agricultural facility?
Yes, we offer financing options for ag facilities such as dairies, feedlots, poultry barns, hog farms, grain facilities, packing plants, and restoration projects.

Do you have an office in my area?
Bankers South is a Florida-based company. While we may not have an office in your area, we can use an appraiser in your area. We also have Correspondent Lenders spread around the Southeast. Just give us a call to find out more about your local rep. Being an established ag lending company, we have a local presence where it matters and the ability to assist your project.

What is an equity LOC?
An equity “Line of Credit” is an operating line that can be used to finance your ag operation and is secured by the equity you have in your land. Unlike typical LOCs where you need to go through the approval process every year, our operating lines are valid for 10 years with no annual “resting period” required and with rates as low as 2.61 percent.

Do I have to pay off the balance of my LOC annually?
No. Once approved, our LOC is valid for 10 years with no “rest period” or requirement to be repaid every year. You also have the option of “terming out” the balance of your Line for up to 15 years, at the end of the 10 years.

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column by LEIGH ANN WYNN

BIO: Leigh Ann Wynn is the Sr. VP of business development for Bankers South. Adding mortgage loan originator to her title, Leigh Ann is actively working with the AgAmerica Lending Program by Bankers South, offering low interest ag loans. As an active member of the ag community and a seventh generation Floridian, Leigh Ann understands your ag needs and is here to answer your questions. She can be reached at or (863) 607-9500.

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