Editor’s Blog: Rounding up blueberries, bees, and a special tribute

Okay, it’s no secret. You know it’s our Annual Blueberry Round Up edition because we have blueberries on our cover. Plus, if you’ve been reading the last two years of coverage on the Florida blueberry harvest, you probably could have guessed this was coming. But be warned, this edition is like none other you’ve seen before!

Like the harvests before it, this year’s story of the 2011-12 blueberry season will not disappoint you. It is a tale of ambitious goals, pitfalls, creative thinking, and — ultimately – triumph.

In addition, there are a few other stories about our little blue dynamos that I think you should read: Commissioner Putnam talks facts and forecasts on Page 16 (in our print magazine); read about the big success of the Florida Blueberry Festival on Page 27; and read some keen insight from our publisher (who also happens to be a blueberry grower) on Page 8.

Besides the main topic, I think you should read what Florida beekeepers are buzzing about on pages 9 and 23. And last, but certainly not least, this edition we have a special tribute for Independence Day in honor of all of our armed forces and war veterans who have fought – and continue to fight – for our freedom. Turn to Page 33 for a great story.

Thanks for reading Central Florida Ag News. I hope you enjoy this special edition.



Celeste Jo Walls is managing editor of Central Florida Ag News. She may be reached by e-mail at celeste.walls@centralfloridamediagroup.com.

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