Editor’s Blog: The Heights We Go to Bring You Something Truly Unique

At Central Florida Media Group, we’re very fortunate to have an incredibly talented and committed team. Every member (whether employed or contributing staff) works to make Central Florida Ag News a truly unique and distinctive publication. In this very special edition — The Ag in Art Showcase — one of our contributing photographers went to great heights (literally) to give us a view of Florida that only the birds have seen.

Upon Rick Pezzimenti’s arrival at The Singing Tower of Bok Tower Gardens, he and the marketing manager for the gardens, Martin Corbin, traveled 120 feet via the structure’s Otis elevator. Pezzimenti proceeded to climb the tower through a closed area to the public — up an additional 15 feet via spiral staircases. Then, through the most nerve-wracking part of his journey (while carrying the latest technology in sophisticated photography equipment), he climbed an additional 60 feet up via four almost-vertical ladders, until he finally reached the catwalk of The Singing Tower.

As if that wasn’t high enough, Pezzimenti climbed an 8-foot ladder at the top of the catwalk — all in the effort to bring you the exclusive artwork you see on the cover of this edition.

Truly, the view that the heron gargoyles have from The Singing Tower is breathtaking — one of majesty and beauty that can only belong to our Florida landscape. At CFMG, we’re committed to bringing you original content in both the written and image form, even if that means climbing 203 feet in order to achieve it. My gratitude extends to Rick Pezzimenti for sharing this artistic perspective with us, and to Bok Tower Gardens for allowing us to share it with you. Just remember, you saw it first right here on the cover of Central Florida Ag News magazine.


column by Celeste Jo Walls

Celeste Jo Walls is managing editor of Central Florida Ag News. She may be reached by e-mail at celeste.walls@centralfloridamediagroup.com.

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