Katie Hennessy

Your Equine Health Resolution

Maybe you had some un-anticipated health expenses for your horse last year that could have been avoided. Or, maybe your equine companion was ill and needed some extra veterinary care. Whatever the reason, you might be wondering how you can keep your horse in optimum health in 2014. There are some essential steps you can take to make sure your equine companion is comfortable and healthy all year-round. [emember_protected custom_msg=”Click here and register now to read the rest of the article!”]

To put your mind at ease, schedule a basic health exam. We will perform a physical exam on your horse and will go over any problems we notice or concerns you may have.

Preventative medicine can include vaccination against:
• Rabies
• West Nile Virus
• Eastern and Western Encephalitis
• Strangles
• Rhino/Influenza

We can also perform:
• Dental evaluation and floating
• Fecal exams and deworming
• Sheath cleaning
• Blood work and coggins testing

Getting your horse a preventative health check-up is the best way to keep your equine healthy and prevent problems. We can also stock your emergency kit with medications you may need if a problem does occur. Protect your horse and your wallet from avoidable illness by scheduling your appointment today.

Whether your horse puts in a hard day’s work on the ranch, or you ride him strictly for recreational time, preventative medicine will help make sure your horse’s health is put first.



BIO: Dr. Katie Hennessy graduated from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 2008 with a degree in large animal health and equine medicine. After completing an advanced internship and working as an Associate Veterinarian, she is currently practicing at Polk Equine, LLC. Her expertise ranges from small and exotic creatures to large animals, specializing in equine medicine.

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