Katie Hennessy

Covering the bases with an equine wellness program

HORSES, AS WELL AS HUMANS, benefit from preventative medicine. It is often a better practice to enlist a preventative health-care program with your veterinarian rather than resorting to corrective treatment. That’s why at Polk Equine, we offer the Equine Wellness Program with the highest quality preventative care.

Wellness programs should include routine vaccinations, dental exams and floats, physical exams, parasite treatments, Coggins tests, blood and fecal tests, and sheath cleanings. Our programs are no different and maintain your horse with biannual medical evaluations and preventative treatments with our on-staff veterinarians.

We provide two differing levels of treatment, designed to fit the unique needs of your horse and your lifestyle, and they are listed below.

Program 1

— Semi-annual or as-labeled immunizations (EWT/Rhino, West Nile, rabies)
— Coggins test (EIA)
— Minor Exam (twice per year)
— Dental exam and routine float (if necessary)
— Fecal test/sheath cleaning
— Four (4) paste dewormers

Program 2

— Semi-annual or as-labeled immunizations (EWT/Flu-Rhino, West Nile, rabies, Strangles)
— Coggins test (EIA)
— Routine exam (twice per year)
— Routine blood count (CBC/chemistry/Fib)
— Dental exam and routine float (if necessary)
— Fecal test/sheath cleaning
— Strongid C daily wormer and two (2) paste wormers

For further program details, check out our website at http://polkequine.com, contact us by phone at (863) 287-8413, or email us at polkequine@yahoo.com.



BIO: Dr. Katie Hennessy graduated from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 2008 with a degree in large animal health and equine medicine. After completing an advanced internship and working as an associate veterinarian, she is currently practicing at Polk Equine, LLC. Her expertise ranges from small and exotic creatures to large animals, specializing in equine medicine.

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