Katie Hennessy

Essential Information About COVID-19 and Your Horse

Navigating this worrisome time during the pandemic with so much information to consider for your own safety as well as the safety of your horse can be challenging. We have put together some general guidelines to help you through this uncertain and ever-evolving situation. 


You should speak with your veterinarian about your own situation to determine what is essential regarding care for your horse and what can be postponed until the health risks of COVID-19 have lessened. Your veterinarian and farrier are considered to be essential workers and are working through the pandemic to ensure that our equine companions are taken care of appropriately. There is no reason to let health issues go untreated so always contact your veterinarian with any concerns.  Pictures and videos can be a great way to determine whether a horse needs to be seen. 


If you keep your horse at a boarding facility with other owners then you should ensure that you follow CDC guidelines regarding social distancing, and there should be an appropriate system in place to minimize the risks of exposure. Most barns have a scheduling list to establish a “time frame” for your daily visits to minimize congestion on the grounds.


Another concern many owners have is what to do if you become ill and are not able to visit the barn. Formulating a plan now can reduce a lot of stress should you become ill. Develop a plan and have a care sheet printed out with instructions and feeding guidelines. Make sure to have at least two weeks’ worth of feed available for your horses. 


Planning ahead to staying vigilant with your own health and safety is the best plan of action for everyone.

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