Facing the threat of greening

IT’S RARE TODAY to read an article or column about Florida citrus without seeing a reference to citrus greening (Huanglongbing, or HLB), the tree disease that has seriously compromised citrus production all across the state since it was first found in Florida, near Homestead, in August 2005.

Thankfully, and as a testimony to the great character of so many people in the Florida citrus industry, it’s also rare to find in citrus articles a sense of defeatism about HLB. “We’re going to beat it!” seems to be the prevailing attitude and mindset — from state agricultural leaders and researchers to nurserymen and growers.

While facing a severe threat to their livelihood, the vast majority of people in the citrus industry are pressing on, seemingly unintimidated by greening. We at AgAmerica Lending can tell you that we’re not intimidated by greening, either. We will stick by the citrus growers through this hardship and any that might follow. With Polk County still the state leader in citrus acreage by county, citrus is too large a part of our local and state history, heritage and economy to do anything less. The industry — especially the small business sector within the industry — needs a partner to help it through not only the good times but the down times as well.

We know that growers need access to operating capital to survive this downturn, and at AgAmerica Lending, we want to be your first choice for financing. We understand the challenges, but we believe in the citrus industry — and we believe in our borrowers.

This column is sponsored by AgAmerica Lending.


column by MAC MILLER

BIO: Mac Miller, the Vice President of Fund Management for AgAmerica, was born and raised in Lakeland, Florida. His roots run deep in the citrus industry, reaching back three generations. After graduating from Clemson University in South Carolina, Mac returned to Lakeland. At AgAmerica, Mac originates and services loans across the country. His clients include ranchers, small business owners, asset management organizations, and merchant associations within a variety of industries. His business philosophy includes providing individual attention, a laser eye for detail, and the highest quality of work, completed on time and on budget. For more information, contact Mac at (855) 817-5226 or email him at mac@landsouthgroup.com. http://agamerica.com/

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