Farming industry gets social with ‘felfies’

Farming industry gets social with ‘felfies’

Farming is a very rewarding occupation, but it can also be very lonely, especially for small family-owned farms. Their days can be isolating. Their audience of animals may be great listeners, but they aren’t known for carrying on a conversation.

Farmers begin their day before many of us would even consider rising from bed. Their days are long and tiring and there is no rest for the weary. While farmers are out in the field creating our next meal, they are also looking to social media to reconnect to the world.

The new rage is called the “Felfie.” It’s a selfie picture taken by farmers of their farm life. is a blog that was set up to collect felfies from all over the world. It’s a draw for all animal lovers because the site gives visitors a look at a career many of us know nothing about, and a sneak peek at beautiful farm animals.

Farming is a visual industry. There are many opportunities to capture nature through photos and videos. The felfies and videos show the personality of the farmers, but also the quirky personality of many of their animals. It’s turning into a medium that connects farmers with other farmers, combatting the typical solitude of the profession, and allows us to partake in agriculture all over the world.


column by MIKE MARTIN

BIO: Michael Martin of Martin Law Office in Lakeland specializes in agriculture and environmental legal representation. A native of Polk County, Mike attended college at Sewanee in Tennessee, before obtaining a doctorate in law from the University of Florida and has tried numerous cases nationwide since that time. Mike also serves as the director of the FFA Foundation and is the author of the novel, The Crestfallen Rose.

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