From the Editor’s Desk: Furthering agriculture through education

From the Editor’s Desk: Furthering agriculture through education

SOME OF MY FAVORITE pictures from the Florida Strawberry Festival and the Florida State Fair capture the lessons that are taught to — and learned by — future generations. To further the advancement of the Florida agriculture industry, and continue to meet the demands of a growing populace in need of food, traditions like festivals and fairs are an essential part of the discovery process.

All the more important to the future success of agriculture, is great educational programs led by great teachers. We are excited about progress of the new Agriculture Complex to complement the Agriculture program at Warner University. To see photos from the recent groundbreaking, pick up a free print copy of this March 2015 edition of Central Florida Ag News magazine and turn to Page 32.

But where does education in agriculture start? Sometimes it can start as early as elementary school, while in other cases it starts even earlier than that in the homes of American families. That is why in this edition we celebrate not only the students, but also the parents, teachers, and volunteers who help shape the future of ag every day.

Recently, one such teacher in Tampa was recognized by Florida Agriculture in the Classroom organization and the U.S. Department of Agriculture as one of six instructors around the country to win the National Excellence in Teaching about Agriculture Award for 2015. Her name is Christina Danger, and she’s the STEM coordinator at Turner Bartels K-8 school. Congrats to Ms. Danger! If you know of any deserving teacher or student making a difference for ag, then we’d like to hear from you! Send me an email, letter, or message on Facebook, and thanks for reading this special edition of Central Florida Ag News magazine.

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